The mission of the Parent Teacher Organization is to identify and implement improvements, activities and events that will enrich or support the curriculum and environment at BCCS through an effective volunteer work force comprised of teachers, parents and other interested parties.

The committee meets regularly to brainstorm and implement ideas and create goals to promote positive growth and progress.

Established Activities:

   Monthly Meetings held at The Learning Center

   Campus Clean-up, Maintenance & Repair (1st Saturday of the Month)

   Fundraisers - Ongoing

Committee Members: 

   Sue Batten, Parent

   Steve & Maria Bravo, Parents

   Kaye Duke, Parent & Teacher

    Sue Motshagen, Parent

   Andrea Ontiveros, Parent

   Sierrah Somers, Parent

   Phil Walker, Administration


The above people form our Parent Teacher Organization and have worked tirelessly to make our school a better place for the children.  They have volunteered their time, labor, and their own money to support our school in so many ways.  They have put on fundraisers such as a Christmas Toy Drive & Car Show, a Community Yard Sale, A (school-wide) Walk-A-Thon, etc.  They come to the school at least once a month to perform clean-up and repairs to the buildings, animal enclosures, and campus in general.  They have started a gardening program, a Kid's Petting area, animal husbandry program, and helped remodel 2 classrooms that now serve as our Learning Center (Before and after school day care room).

Each one of these people are an answer to many years of staff prayers to the Lord to send us help!  They may never know how much they are loved and appreciated, but we try at every opportunity to let them know!  Please honor them and keep them in your prayers.  They are very special people to BCCS!


If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the office and we will connect you with the proper person.